Dear Editor:

As a long time Berkeley County resident, I am stunned to learn that Mr. Josh Whitley, after having accused the Berkeley County Schools of ethics violations dating back to the Yes 4 Schools campaign of 2012, resulting in years of costly investigations at great taxpayer expense, has not only been forgiven by the School Board, but has now been hired by them.

Looking a little closer at the series of events that led to this highly ironic turn, I learn that Whitley, as a current Berkeley County Councilman, openly endorsed and supported the campaigns of the newly elected School Board members. The self proclaimed “like-minded coalition” of new elected trustees, ushered onto the Board by Whitley, then emerged from their very first executive session on Nov. 15 having not only fired long time District legal counsel of Childs and Halligan, but also having hired Smyth Whitley, Josh Whitley’s own firm, to now represent them.

Surely I am not alone in hoping to put any question of ethics violations at Berkeley County School District behind us. The School Board should hire legal counsel with no obvious conflict of interest. As always, my interest is in supporting our students, teachers, and administrators.

Sue Willis

Goose Creek