What are you doing on November 6th?

On that day, citizens across the Lowcountry will get up and proceed with their everyday tasks.

Some will get children off to school; commute and carry out work responsibilities; run errands; head home for a family evening. Others will keep loved ones safe and sound at home. Some will do farm tasks; engage in community activities; make doctors’ visits; go fishing; play golf; attend class; help friends.

Across our region, we will spend the day on important responsibilities.

On November 6, Lowcountry voters have another duty: to vote. Be one of those citizens who turns out to make your voice heard in important local, state and federal elections—ensuring you have a say on critical issues facing your community, state and country.

Whether you vote in-person or take advantage of early absentee voting opportunities or go to the polls on Election Day, it is critical that you make a plan for voting and encourage your friends and loved ones to make one too.

When, where and how will you vote? These are questions to think through before Election Day is here.

The League is proud to provide VOTE411.org, our vital source for all election-related material. With up-to-the-minute voting information, polling place times and locations, and more, VOTE411 is the resource to use and share with voters in your life. Enter your address at VOTE411.org to build a personalized voting guide that includes information about offices, candidates and ballot questions you’ll will see when you vote.

Joan Zaleski is the Director of Voter Services, League of Women Voters.