To the Editor:

It would appear that anti-gun sentiment is increasing after all the senseless mass shootings that have recently occurred in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

Julie Smith's article, "On guns: We ban other dangerous things", appeared to match the silly nature of most of her other articles.

The big difference is the wide brush used in the headline suggesting we ban guns. Moreover, she claimed to not understand why hunters and those wanting personal protection need "semi-automatic" guns.

I suppose she could never afford a Browning BAR Mark III rifle that is a semi-automatic hunting rifle. I owned and carried one when I went elk hunting in Colorado back in the early 1990s.

No, this is not the same rifle that Private Kirby carried and used in the TV show, Combat! However, it was originally designed by Bruce Browning for the military during World War One. It set the standard for autoloading hunting rifles.

How many duck and other fowl hunters carry semi-automatic shotguns when hunting in the field?

Julie Smith never mentioned what her hunting family used in the field. Was it a lever action, bolt action?

Is she suggesting that I surrender my old Winchester 1500 semi-automatic shotgun, holds only two rounds, since it may exceed my home self-defense needs?

Her suggestion that we keep "weapons of war" from the mentally ill has merit, but how do we define "weapons of war."

I never liked the appearance of assault style rifles, but it's not enough that they intimidate a Californian Democrat senator so they must be banned.

Most liberal, anti-Second Amendment politicians would readily ban all semi-automatic rifles without even judging their appearance.

Would the popular Ruger 10-22 shooting 22 caliber rimfire be banned since it's a semi-automatic rifle?

Gun opponents really don't care about the details. They know nothing about guns, yet they try to legislate them.

Somehow Hollywood is just fine brandishing them in their movies, while video games show their use in killing creatures.

Try walking through the Stars and Strikes video arcade and listen to the shooting games that children are able to play.

Any protest there?

Raymond Paskauskas