Once upon a time America’s first governing document—the Articles of Confederation—needed to be amended. People were disturbed because the Articles of Confederation didn’t have enough strength.

Big thinkers like George Washington, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin, etc., had an idea: call a convention of delegates to amend the Articles of Confederation.

The colonies expected those upstanding men to stay true to amending the Articles. Instead, those learned, trusted men threw the Articles of Confederation out the window and wrote a new document—the United States Constitution.

Being concerned the new governmental form might not pass muster with all 13 states, they cheated. They reduced the number of states needed to ratify the Constitution. Such trickery during a convention is called a “run-away-convention.”

Any meeting to amend the Constitution is a Constitutional Convention.

The outcome was good, because the Constitution of the United States turned out to be “The Miracle That Changed the World,” a book by Leon Skousen. America and her people flourished under her new government. The Constitution wasn’t perfect. A list of limitations on the federal government was needed. Congress amended the Constitution to add the “Bill of Rights.” For more than two centuries, Congress has added amendments—some good; some bad. Never has an Article V Constitutional Convention been called.

Our Constitutional Republic has been continually targeted for more than 30 years by socialist Democrats.

There are plans to adversely alter the Constitution via an Article V Constitutional Convention to fundamentally change America.

Examples: former leftist Justice Stevens’ book, “Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution,” recommends prohibiting our Constitutional right to bear arms—except when “serving in a militia.”

Leftist Lawrence Lessig wants to re-write the Constitution. Today, besides dumping guns and freedom of religion, will they want the Green New Deal and Medicare for all in the Constitution? Globalist “New World Order” Republicans seeking a one-world-government under the Godless United Nations’ Charter pose grave danger to the republic as well—the “Never Trumpers.”

About seven years ago, some Republicans jumped on the Article V bandwagon.

Tea Party Patriots’ Mark Meckler, associate of Jenny Beth Martin, left the Tea Party to start his own “Citizens for Self-Government” that subsequently spawned a “Convention of States” (COS).

Charleston’s COS leader convinced local tea partyers and some legislators to strive for an Article V Constitutional Convention. Under Article V, state legislatures of at least 35 states would send delegates to a Constitutional Convention to make decisions affecting you, me and our children.

Do you trust the Left and the Right clamoring for, and working for a second Constitutional Convention? I don’t trust state legislators with our roads and bridges, much less the Constitution!

I attended the recent S.C. Republican state convention.

I heard S.C. Comptroller General Eckstrom dare say that S.C. has more than enough money to fix every road and bridge in S.C., yet our state legislators want another gas tax hike for roads and bridges. Unbelievable!

Remember! Former Tea Party Darling Jim DeMint, and others, are being paid big money to push a Convention of States.

At the convention, I observed Chairman Representative Alan Clemmons railroad four resolutions, offering one single voice vote.

Approval meant the convention would send a resolution to SC legislature advising them to vote for an Article V Constitutional Convention next term.

Because of known bias of various leaders desiring an Article V Constitutional Convention, attendees objected.

Clemmons separated the questions. The stakes were high. Emotions palpable.

Delegates protested. The issues were separated.

The shenanigans began.

First a voice vote was disputed. Clemmons called for hand-raising and declared, “The yeas have it.”

Pro and Con debate was disallowed. Informed delegates arguably against a new Constitutional Convention were angry, because debate would have helped inform the uninformed new delegates.

Later, with half the floor vacated, Clemmons allowed a second vote, to sooth angry delegates.

The results were questionable since many delegates had left the floor.

That night, I received copies of text messages sent to Pro COS delegates advising them to yell louder, what they should do, “If,” and what to not let happen.

Welcome to a simplistic preview of Article V Convention of States trickery played out at a Convention of Counties.

The Convention’s first act of business was this travesty of power mongering.

Therefore, good feelings generated by the opening prayer, pledge, song and uplifting speakers were deleted by tactics to win at all costs at this run-away Convention of Counties.

Imagine the passions and shenanigans at a run-away Convention of States with 35 states sending delegates. Yikes.

Yes, I know, they promise a one-issue convention. Really?

Apathy is the last stage of self-governance. Wake up. Join the fight, or we will lose America as founded. Protect our children from becoming Big Government slaves.

Joan Holleman Brown, Charleston native and Summerville resident, co-chairs The Summervlle 9-12 Project, a public education group founded upon nine principles and 12 values of America’s founding.