City of Goose Creek

City of Goose Creek

A popular public park in Goose Creek may soon be the site of commercial development.

During their meeting Tuesday, City Council members voted 6-1 to sell the Shannon Park property, located off St. James Avenue on Old Moncks Corner Road. Councilman Jerry Tekac was opposed because the ordinance included a requirement that city council extend the recreation contract for another ten years. He said he felt that the issues were separate.

Despite its location near a busy road, a concern to city leaders, the park has been well-utilized by town residents. Even Goose Creek Mayor Greg Habib and Councilwoman Gayla McSwain said they’ve taken their children their to play over the years.

According to the council, the park’s existing playground equipment, which is fairly new, will move to Eubanks Park, located just across the street. The $175,000 profit from the land sale will fund recreational projects.

Habib said the sale is part of an overall plan to redevelop the city’s recreational opportunities. Moving the playground equipment to Eubanks Park will also allow for better walk-ability from nearby neighborhoods.

In the future, a master plan will be created for the Casey Community Center, currently located adjacent to Eubanks Park. The building will be demolished to make way for a redeveloped recreational space.