Fundraising event to support renovation project at Berkeley County Animal Shelter

Berkeley Animal Center is in need of an operating suite to perform on-site spay and neuter operations.

Berkeley County’s only public animal shelter is in need of an operating suite to perform on-site spay and neuter operations. Those procedures are the first step to any adoption at the shelter and currently, animals must be transported off site to a veterinarian’s office.

According to Jennifer Ort, a board member with the Friends of Berkeley County Animal Center, the shelter’s workload has nearly doubled since the Doc Williams SPCA closed last fall. She said the on-site operating suite renovation project has become one of the greatest needs at the Berkeley County Animal Center.

“This (operating suite) will allow the generous veterinarians of our community to come to the animals to provide this service efficiently, quickly and in a low stress environment,” Ort said in a news release. “Every penny of proceeds from this event will benefit this cause.”

Friends of Berkeley County Animal Center has partnered with Cypress Gardens to hold the first annual Rescue the Summer Event! The fundraising event takes place 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on August 24 at Cypress Gardens. The two groups hope to raise $15,000 during the first annual event.

During the fundraiser, Berkeley Animal Center will showcase animals up for adoption, there will be a variety of food trucks, as well as vendors and craft activities. Participants are encouraged to tour the Cypress Garden, Butterfly House, Swamparium and walking trails located inside the recently restored park.

To learn more about the fundraiser, or to donate, visit: