Hurricane brings brings business to spirit shop

Sales at Port City Liquors North in Red Bank Road were up 60 percent on Monday. 

More businesses are closing as Hurricane Dorian approaches. Some people are evacuating while others will ride it out at home. And for those waiting on the storm, water and batteries are not the only essential items in the hurricane kit.

“Hurricanes certainly give a big boost, sales without giving specific numbers, we were probably up 60 or 70 percent from a normal Monday,” said Rob Baxley, General Manager at Port City North Liquors.

Baxley said following the announcements from state and local officials on Monday, the booze business has been booming at the store on Red Bank Road.

“With everything the governor did Monday and Tuesday you start to see people buying two and three half gallons of stuff,” said Baxley. “As long as we’re open they will come in.”

And storm anxious consumers won’t skimp on the beverages.

“It’s crazy because all of the other stuff people have to buy they don’t cut corners during a hurricane, like they are not buying cheap vodka,” said Baxley.

Baxley said at the store on Tuesday that customers are mainly going for the basics, vodka, bourbon and tequila. He said he plans to remain open as long as the weather allows and business remains brisk.

“As people ride by they’ll crisscross three or four lanes when they see the open sign, and even if they don’t, they’ll pull on the door just to make sure; but as long as we’re open they will be out,” he said.