Joint Base Charleston Navy College will soon be offering classes

Associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s programs are all offered under the new Navy College campus.

The Joint Base Charleston Navy College is slated to start offering college classes in August 2019. The new campus will offer degree programs in a variety of subjects.

“Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s programs are all offered under the new Navy College campus, ranging from Cyber Security, Criminal Justice, Information Systems, Business Administration and other technical and Liberal Arts degrees,” said Alejandra Fontalvo, 2d Lt, USAF and Chief of Media Relations at Joint Base Charleston.

Now more than ever Military leaders recognize the value and importance of advanced education in both military and civilian life.

“The services offered through the Navy College are open to everyone who has access to the installation,” said Fontalvo. “This includes active duty service members, retirees, family members and DoD employees.”

With the recent addition of the Navy College campus, more education and professional development programs are available to the community and with such a large military presence it will have a big impact.

“By diversifying our programs and making them more affordable, Joint Base Charleston is empowering our team to invest in themselves through the pursuit of a formal education,” said Fontalvo. “Joint Base Charleston seeks to offer professional development opportunities because it recognizes the positive impact such programs have on our mission and the surrounding community.”

This is not a one-of-its-kind idea numerous examples can be found across the country in which military leadership prioritizes such educational programs.

“Anyone seeking to take classes at the Navy College campus can now go and make an appointment to discuss their goals with an advisor before the Fall semester,” Fontalvo said.