Career specialist works with students on using social media responsibly

Jessica Galati, a career specialist working with students in Berkeley County, teaches Marrington Elementary School Students how to be responsible on social media.

A unique group of educators in the Berkeley County School District are working to enable students to see the path to career success more clearly.

Career Specialists have been assigned to every school in Berkeley County from the elementary level, through high school. The goal of the BCSD Career Specialists is to “Empower students to define and achieve individualized career readiness.”

Jessica Galati, who recently worked with Marrington Elementary School students, has been honored for the “most outstanding program” in career guidance in South Carolina.

Holding past jobs in the Navy and human resources, Galati has a unique connection with Marrington students, most of whom are from military families. Her active duty military service is complemented by the fact that she is the mother of a former Marrington Elementary School student.

This is the third year that Galati has been coming to Marrington classrooms. During an initial lesson of the 2019-2020 school year she discussed using social media responsibly.

The students then participated in a “Fakebook” activity, creating a pseudo Facebook account that would be appropriate throughout their lifetime.

Beyond her duties at Marrington Elementary School, Galati serves Hanahan High School, Hanahan Elementary School, Bowens Corner Elementary School, Marrington Middle School and Howe Hall AIMS.

Her guidance at Marrington Elementary is part of the school’s goal of helping students make their way on the path to success, according to school officials.