Students and teachers from each of Berkeley County School District’s high schools were recognized on May 9 at the 22nd Annual Breakfast of Champions event hosted at Charleston Southern University.

The Breakfast of Champions, an event sponsored by the Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce, Trident Health, Dominion Energy, Google, and Charleston Southern, recognizes the top high school students in the field of academics, leadership and service.

Dr. Eddie Ingram, Superintendent of the BCSD, encouraged the students to think about how they can make a difference in the lives of others.

“Leadership is not about being in a position, holding a title or telling other people what to do,” Ingram said. “It’s about helping as many people as you can, get to where they want to be.”

He challenged the students to help their friends succeed.

“When you do that, you will have the richest life ever,” Ingram said. “You will feel fulfilled and exponentially your energy will go out across your community, your nation and ultimately your world.”

The BCSD students listed below were honored at the event. Seniors at the breakfast were provided the opportunity to recognize an outstanding faculty member who impacted their lives. The faculty member honored is also included below.

St. John’s Christian Academy

Rochard Tingue- Leadership

Hannah Crowe- Service

Damaris Crawford- 9th Grade Academic

Abigail Litchfield- 10th Grade Academic

San Zula Burgress- 11th Grade Academic

Brooklynne Chappealear- 12th Grade Academic

Wilhelmina Otero- Honored Teacher

Berkeley High School

Chloe Mayes- Leadership

Makenzie Camlin- Service

Savannah Ballentine- 9th Grade Academic

Kyle Koon- 10th Grade Academic

Haley Thompson- 11th Grade Academic

Ashley Reichard- 12th Grade Academic

Laddie Jones- Honored Teacher

Berkeley Middle College

Randall Granger- Leadership

Taylor Allen- Service

Jessica Scannell- 11th Grade Academic

Camryn Shuler- 12th Grade Academic

Sherri Scroggins- Honored Teacher

Cane Bay High School

Devon Anthony- Leadership

Ja’Quivous Goodwin- Service

Madeline Carter- 9th Grade Academic

Catherine Flake- 10th Grade Academic

Eli Oswald- 11th Grade Academic

Ashleigh Allen- 12th Grade Academic

William Bennett- Honored Teacher

Cross High School

India Powell- Leadership

Aiyanna Pinckney- Service

Essence Ronjon- 9th Grade Academic

Javier Arciniega- 10th Grade Academic

Nadajah Whitten- 11th Grade Academic

Jessica Sweatman- 12th Grade Academic

Allean Davis- Honored Teacher

Goose Creek High School

Aniyah Oliver- Leadership

Arnise Wright- Service

Andrea Fletcher- 9th Grade Academic

Ashley Poyner- 10th Grade Academic

Meleana Cabales- 11th Grade Academic

Kendall Vorhis- 12th Grade Academic

Nick Geary- Honored Teacher

Hanahan High School

Jillian Courtney- Leadership

Daniela Resendiz- Service

Sarah Stoddart- 9th Grade Academic

Ethan Wood- 10th Grade Academic

Maria Ibrahim- 11th Grade Academic

Eleanor Hatcher- 12th Grade Academic

Edna Jordan- Honored Teacher

Philip Simmons High School

Stephen Gladney- Leadership

Kyra Dickerson- Service

Jack Rose- 9th Grade Academic

Kate Johnson- 10th Grade Academic

Mickey Walker -11th Grade Academic

Stratford High School

Justin Wyatt- Leadership

Sarah Rojugbokan- Service

Lucy Gergick- 9th Grade Academic

Jemiah Williams- 10th Grade Academic

Nathan Gergick- 11th Grade Academic

Melanie Tieman -12th Grade Academic

Tobias Hawthorne- Honored Teacher

Timberland High School

Tori Rose- Leadership

Rebecca Martin- Service

Ashlynn Hill- 9th Grade Academic

Shalayne Price- 10th Grade Academic

Summer Murphy- 11th Grade Academic

Kiara Taylor- 12th Grade Academic

Cyndia Spann- Honored Teacher