Deputies with Berkeley County said they were called to a disturbance in Goose Creek. The complainant told deputies her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend was outside of the residence screaming and banging on the door and ordering the boyfriend to wake up and come outside. The incident report states the boyfriend was not even at the home at time. Police were told that the subject said, “If you won’t come out then watch this.” Police said the subject grabbed a rock and used it to shatter the girlfriend’s windshield. The victim said she exited her home to confront the suspect but she had driven off. There were no arrests made at the time of the report.


Deputies in Berkeley County said they have a video from Sangaree Intermediate School after a report of a theft. Deputies said a white truck pulled up to the school at night and took a barricade from the parking lot. Deputies said there is a visual of the barricade in the truck as it drove away. Deputies said the barricade was property of the Berkeley County School District.

Weapons, cash

A Berkeley County Deputy pulled over a vehicle in Moncks Corner for erratic speeds. The driver told the officer it was a rental car. Police said while the driver was looking for the rental agreement, the officer noticed a large stack of money bound with a rubber band in the glove compartment. Police said they asked the driver the exit the vehicle and they were given permission to search. Deputies were told by the driver there was a pistol in the vehicle also and the gun was found. Deputies said dispatch informed them the driver was on probation for a narcotics violation in Columbia and was prohibited from owning a weapon. Law enforcement said the large stack of money in the glove box totaled $5,000. The incident report stated when the suspect was searched deputies found an additional $5,000 in a sweatshirt pocket as well as $956 in his pants pocket. It was determined there was probable cause to seize the money. The suspect was taken to the jail in Moncks Corner.

Drugs, weapons

A resident in the Bonneau area of Berkeley County called in about a suspicious red truck in the area. The caller reported that the occupants of the truck had been looking into vehicles. Responding deputies found the truck and conducted a traffic stop. While the truck was stopping deputies said the driver threw objects out the window. The deputy said when he walked up on the truck, he observed an AR-15 that had been painted green near the passenger. The two objects thrown out of the truck were determined to be a pistol and a Crown Royal bag. Deputies said the bag contained 37 grams of a blue, crystal like substance that field tested presumptive to be methamphetamines and 2.25 grams of a white, powder like substance. There were three people in the truck all were taken to the jail in Moncks Corner.