On Aug. 24 Goose Creek Police responded to the Neighborhood Wal-Mart regarding a theft. The complainant told officers her engagement ring was taken from her purse. The incident report states the complainant believed the ring was inside her purse she left in the car in parking lot. Police said she could not recall if she locked the doors. The complainant said the ring was worth $13,000. Police investigated whether there were cameras in the area where she was parked and determined the cameras did not record in the area she was parked.

Shots fired

Police in Goose Creek said they responded to Hounds Run Townhomes in reference to shots fired on Aug. 26. Police said a suspect had shot a gun into a residence. Police said the projectile went through the storm door and the front door and went into a hallway closet. Police were told the complainant knows the suspect because they have been harassed by them in the past. Police were not able to located the suspect at the time of the report. Police said they searched the area for shell casings but did not find any additional evidence.

Unlawful carrying of a pistol

On Aug. 25 Police in Goose Creek responded to Annette Drive for a suspicious person. Police said they approached the suspect and noticed a metal object sticking out from a hole in his pants. Police said they then made the suspect put his hands on the patrol car. During a search of the suspect police said they identified the object as a hand gun. Police said they then placed the suspect in handcuffs. The incident report states the gun was reported stolen in Jasper County. Police determined the suspect was 17 years old. He was arrested for breaking into a motor vehicle, possession of a stolen handgun, and possession of handgun by a minor.

Suspicious vehicle

On Aug. 20 Berkeley County deputies were securing a crime scene on Old Gilliard Road. While deputies were on scene, they were advised of a suspicious truck that was parked in a yard. Deputies said they went to investigate the vehicle and found it abandoned but the motor was still warm. The report states The VIN number was run through Berkeley County dispatch and they advised it was reported stolen out of Berkeley County. Deputies said while investigating a male was seen coming out of the woods and when he saw officers he turned around as if to walk away from them.

Deputies said the suspect was later asked about the truck and he admitted to being the rear passenger. Deputies were advised that a juvenile was the driver. Deputies were advised that the driver saw the blue lights from the deputies’ vehicles on Old Gilliard and thought it was a checkpoint.

The driver then decided to pull into someone’s home yard and then everyone ran into the woods and they got separated. Deputies said they then spoke to the juvenile and he said he was a passenger and was not driving. Deputies then spoke to a third passenger and he said he wasn’t driving, either. Their charges included: giving false information to police, evading arrest and possession of a stolen vehicle.