Goose Creek Police

Goose Creek Police

Car theft

On June 16, a Berkeley County deputy was called to Howe Hall Road in Goose Creek after a report of a stolen vehicle.

The complainant drives for Uber and he told the deputy the subject had just taken his vehicle. The incident report states that the complainant took a wrong turn and was turning around when he got stuck in a ditch.

The deputy said as the driver was trying to get the vehicle out, a male subject was walking down the road and stopped to help the complainant.

The incident report states the Uber driver allowed the suspect behind the wheel to possibly maneuver the vehicle free.

The deputy said the subject was able to get the car out and once that happened he drove off. Deputies searched the area and later found both the suspect and the vehicle. The suspect was arrested in relation to the motor vehicle theft.

Armed Robbery

On June 15 deputies in Berkeley County were contacted about an armed robbery that occurred on Red Bank Road.

The victim told deputies he walking home from a bar just after midnight was ambushed by two men who knocked him down and kicked him.

The incident report states one of the suspects was carrying a knife.

The complainant told deputies he could not tell which direction the suspects ran but they got away with his wallet containing $400. There were no arrests made at the time of the report.

Aggravated assault

Deputies responded to a bar in Bonneau on June 16, regarding an active fight. Deputies said when they arrived they discovered a people holding towels to man’s back and there was blood all over the floor.

The incident report states the victim told deputies he was trying to play a game of pool and the suspect began to argue with him.

Deputies said the argument escalated and the suspect hit the victim with a pool stick, then the victim hit the subject with a pool stick and the he was stabbed with sharp object.

The suspect left the scene and could not be located at the time of the report. The victim had to be taken to hospital by ambulance for his injuries.

Disorderly conduct

On June 15, deputies in Berkeley County responded to Fire Lane in reference to a disorderly person. Deputies said when they arrived the subject was yelling profanity, kicking a fence and threatening to shoot people.

The incident report states that as the deputies approached they could smell alcohol and asked the suspect if he had been drinking and he replied, “I am drunker than a skunk.”

Deputies said they told the suspect he was causing a disturbance and scaring residents. Deputies were told by the suspect that he did not care because it was his yard.

The incident report states the suspect did not live at the residence. Deputies arrested the man and he was charged with disorderly conduct.