More than 1,000 members of the commercial composting community will gather Jan. 28-31 for the annual conference of the US Composting Council to discuss the role of compost in climate change; infrastructure challenges; college and corporate level compost collection and food scrap diversion.

The conference features a trade show at the North Charleston Convention Center of 100 vendors of equipment and services related to composting, one of the most rapidly growing industries in the US. Nationally known speakers include keynote Dr. Katharine Wilson, co-author of Project Drawdown, a system of climate change mitigation solutions that includes composting that has taken the environmental world by storm.

Other speakers on climate change and compost include Dr. Sally Brown of the University of Washington and researchers it the University of California Davis carbon sequestration project.

“Our conference focus on the role of compost in regenerative agriculture and carbon sequestration to mitigate climate change is in response to the intense interest in these concepts,” said Frank Franciosi, Executive Director of the USCC.

The demand by citizens, policymakers and elected leaders for more food scrap diversion and compost production has resulted in a clamor for compost production facilities.

The annual USCC event serves as a crossroads for new entrepreneurs learn best business practices; an exchange for longtime members to discuss policy issues to solve challenges to compost businesses; and a location for compost manufacturers and collectors of organic materials to find the newest vendors of services and products.

The annual Emerging Composter Challenge will take place this year in the form of a Poster Pitch competition on Thursday, Jan. 30.

On Friday, Jan. 31, Charleston County’s Bees Ferry Compost Facility will host USCC’s outdoor Equipment and Demonstration Day, the only show of its kind where compost windrow turners, screens, grinders and other large equipment are displayed and operated for visitors by the world’s major vendors of such equipment.