Upset at GCHS pregame

  • Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Editor:

I am a graduate of Goose Creek High School, and take pride in the education that was offered to me there.
I played football under Bobby Carlton. Before every home game he took us to a different local church. This is one of my fondest memories.
Those trips to church made a positive impression on the team. Singing praise songs, praying together and giving thanks to God for all the blessings that He has provided made us all better men and much more aware of the good fortune we had.  The best part I remember is of a few of the guys accepting Jesus into their heart.
Much to my chagrin I have seen my beloved school bend to the pressure of political correctness. Now before every home game, rather than have the pastor from the church we attended before the game bless our teams and the game with an invocation, we have to listen to some milquetoast Berkeley County Sportsman creed.
We have abandoned prayer due to the fact that .001 percent of the attendees or parents or players, or whoever it is that choose not to believe in God, may be offended.  I am a season ticket holder and after that pathetic creed is said I make it a point to say, as loud as I can, “In Jesus name we pray, Amen.”
The first time I did that the response I got was tremendous. Now you can hear several people follow my lead and I hope the trend continues to grow. 
It is not just me that is offended now by Berkeley County forcing us to abandon such simple but dear tradition as invocation due to some left wing political correctness czar who feels it necessary to protect the feelings of the one person who does not believe in God as opposed to catering to the heartfelt convictions of the many who actually are the ones who provide the majority of support for the school and all of its programs.
The Berkeley County School District, as well as any other school district that feels it is fashionable to follow suit, better start to remember who it is that actually butters their bread.
To make matters even more insulting, we are forced to listen to gangster rap blaring over the PA before every game. This past Friday, I heard music being played that featured the rat-a-tat-tat of an automatic machine gun (perfect seeing that school violence is almost unheard of these days) soon followed by Snoop Dogg droning on about murder, jail, killing cops or bloods, crip walking, running whores and smoking pot (I have heard each of those subjects that I just mentioned rapped about within the lyrics of songs played during the per-game warm-up prior to varsity football games at GCHS). 
All that nonsense is fine but prayer is not? Do I need to explain myself any further? I feel like I may need to due to the fact that it is your administration that is signing off on this level of idiocy.
I am confident that I speak for the overwhelming majority of South Carolinians who are fed up with the current climate of political correctness and how it is purging from our culture the one principal that perpetuated our founding fathers to form this great and free country ... faith in God Almighty.

John H. White


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