• Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The political parties are in full gear advocating who can best serve the people. They are doing their best to persuade voters to vote for their candidate.
November is just around the corner, so in a little while we will know who the people really believe, or better yet which party or candidate has been the most persuasive. Someone once said that they do not believe in political jokes because they have seen too many of those get elected. When that happens the people pay and the joker has the last laugh.                                                                                                                           
But, if you will, please indulge me and laugh with me as we take a humorous look at politics and politicians. This might be our only opportunity to laugh. We don’t know how the election is going to turn out and who will be at the helm of the nation steering us either to recovery or tragedy.                                                                                                                                                      
A group of men were busy talking politics and this is the exchange that took place between them. One man asked what was a political campaign. Another replied that it was when a politician quits work and goes around making speeches about all the work he intends to do, that he has no intention of doing.                                                                                                                                     
What is a political platform? another asked. Sam was ready for that one, “A platform like that on the front of a street car, not meant to stand on, just to get in on.”                   
“Which reminds me,” said Berth. “What do they mean when they talk about a political promise?”
Sam was ready again for that one before anyone could answer. “A political promise is one that goes in one year and out the other; and while I am at it let me tell you what a political war is also. It is a war in which everyone shoots from the lip.”                                                                                 
“We have been talking about politics but nobody has said what a politician is,” observed John, who was talking for the first time. “I have been doing some research and these are the best definitions I have come up with.
“One who stands for what they think others will fall for; a person who spends half his time making laws and the other half helping friends evade them; and one who possesses the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.”
 Dick thought he had a better definition than any of those put forward by John.
“Politicians,” he proposed, “are like poor relatives, you see them only when they need help.”
Brother Justice didn’t like Dick’s definition. He thought it was inflammatory and an attack on poor relatives. He let the group know that the poor suffer enough, they don’t need others making jokes about them.
Dick apologized and the conversation continued after a long pause. It seems as if everyone wanted to be politically correct this time; which means they wanted to speak without offending anyone. Sam used the silence to grab the spotlight again.
“Gentlemen,” he said, “I have to go. I need to grab a copy of The Berkeley Independent so I can read that Wise Words column and pick up a loaf of bread for my wife. But before I go, I want to let you all know that in my seventy years of living I have come to the conclusion that politics is the art of obtaining money from the rich and votes from the poor on the pretext of protecting each from the other.”                                                    

The Rev. Valentine Williams is the Pastor of Transforming Life Center Church in Pineville, a motivational speaker, seminar/workshop leader, personal development coach, adjunct instructor and the author of Youth Empowered to Succeed. He is also the president of Williams Speaking and Training Services, a people development organization that conducts professional and personal development training and staff development workshops. For questions, comments or speaking engagements contact him at valmyval@yahoo.com.

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