• Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I have a problem with BLOGS. I donít like them.
A BLOG is graffiti except with punctuation.
It is the random scrawling on the building wall of my Internet. I didnít ask for it. I donít want to see it or read it. Itís done nothing to enhance the aesthetic quality of the building wall, but itís been put there anyway. It screams, ďRead me whether you want to or not!Ē
BLOGs are acts of cyber-vandalism and I read them with something akin to a train wreck curiosity. BLOGS are like giving a book of matches to a six-year-old. In the wrong hands, you donít know how things are going to turn out but chances are good itíll make the news.
I know I fall on the side of the fence of the columnist snob on this one. Why? I donít even consider myself a columnist, even though I write two each week.
William F. Buckley and George Will are columnists.
I know Bobby Kennedy once quoted George Bernard Shaw and to wrap it in a nutshell, asked, ďWhy not?Ē
But again, I fall to the side of writing snobbery; just because you can BLOG doesnít mean you should. There are other more rewarding ways to kill 600 or so words, arenít there?
What makes one BLOG?
I get that part. You want everybody to know what you think about stuff. But blogging is like everybody thinking they can sing or be on American Idol. Desire to perform (or write) does not necessarily reflect the presence of talent.
I write two columns a week because thatís what Iím paid to do. If I didnít get paid to write them, would I? Probably not.
I donít BLOG.
Why should I? What more could I express in a BLOG that I donít already express in two weekly columns?
Iím good at what I do Ė the wall of plaques says so Ė but if it wasnít a part of my job description Iíd find something else to do.
Bloggers have massive egos, and, yes, I have one too. Why else would I pursue the careers Iíve had? Baseball, radio and the newspaper business Ö I understand narcissism.
I just donít see the need for them other than a narcissistic need by the blogger to push what he or she thinks onto other people.
Theyíre irresponsible town-crying of opinions probably best kept to oneself. You canít pitch words out there like tossing pennies into a fountain without hitting someone with a stray pitch. †
Sure itís your God-given American right to say whatever you please, but itís not your God-given American right to attack someone personally.
Differences of opinion are one thing, but calling someone fat, stupid, or a cow because their opinion is different than yours, that crosses the line. I canít wait for the first BLOG libel suit. †
BLOGs are a product of this Internet Age, which is like giving a kid the keys to the candy store and telling him, ďEat til you throw up, kid.Ē
A BLOG then is the result of our gluttony, what happens when you eat one Milk Dud too many.
Okay bloggers, line up and take your shots.
Oh yeah, and thanks for reading.

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