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Firstname: Sully
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Bio Info: Sully Witte is a Lowcountry girl who believes that salt water cures everything - sweat, tears and the sea. When not working, she can be found on the boat or the dock teaching her eight year old daughter Reeves about the wonders of our coastal paradise. When not playing in the pluff mud she's bee bopping around town, interviewing our illustrious mayor and council members about various town projects. If you see her with a stack of papers as tall as her torso, she's on her way to the office to sift through the ever growing number of weekly police reports which almost always crack a smile on the face of Moultrie News Police Blotter fans. Very rarely will you ever catch her without her phone stuck to her ear and a pair of stillettos on her feet. Ms. Sully Witte has mastered the art of balance - fashionably, personally and professionally.
Job Title: Editor
Name: Sully Witte
(843) 958-7482