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Firstname: Frankie
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Bio Info: Frankie Mansfield is an island boy who believes there are few things in life better than sports. After spending time in the Midlands and Upstate, he has returned to the same Lowcountry fields and courts he was raised on, although his equipment changed from a ball and cleats to a pen and camera. To him, the sweet sound of a ball bouncing off hardwood, or cleats clacking on the floor entering the field, is rivaled only by the waves crashing on his hometown Isle of Palms beaches. When he’s not busy covering the next generation of athletes, you can find him on the boat chasing redfish or on the court working to establish his pick-up game legacy. The old adage says there’s no place like home, and Frankie couldn’t be happier to be back around the teams and games he loves.
Job Title: Sports Reporter
Name: Frankie Mansfield
(843) 958-7483