Where is our Christmas?

  • Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear Editor,

Where is our Christmas? That will be the question we all will be asking if we just stand by and let a few individuals continue to take it away the Nativity or Christmas Tree because they are symbols of a religious celebration by Christians across the globe.
I recently heard on a TV news broadcast that a school in Hawaii had an orchestra of volunteers from the school and community that performed Christmas music to raise money for children of Africa that usually raises $30,000 for them. Tickets for the performance were being sold both by school students and members of a church. Someone threatened to sue the school because members from a church were helping and selling tickets and it was mixing school and religion. The school caved and cancelled the performance. It also reported that a home for the elderly had a Christmas Tree in the sitting room. Here again someone complained that the Christmas tree was a religious symbol and threatened to sue unless it was taken down.
The first amendment states Congress cannot make a law “that restricts the free exercise of religion.” Yet Christians and institutions continue to cave on the suggestion of a lawsuit. The reason stated is not that they do not want to have these Christmas symbols but do not have the financial resources to fight such a lawsuit. Yet if we do not fight for the right to display these Christmas symbols they will disappear as will all the Christian symbols.
We all remember that one woman had prayer taken out of the school. We all stand by while prayer is being banned more and more in public. Yet Muslim symbols and prayer in public goes unchallenged and more and more businesses are taking the word Christmas out and replacing it with Holiday, “Happy Holiday.”
For 2,000 years people around the world have been celebrating Christmas with religious practices and traditions. Christmas has been a federal holiday in America since the late 1800s. It has become a family-centered holiday centered on Jesus, family, peace and nostalgia. Christmas Day marks the birth of Jesus. We cannot, must not, let individuals who disapprove take away what belongs to Jesus and believers. If we do not stand up for Christmas, who will? Slowly but surely Christmas is being taken away from us. If we cannot stand up for Jesus and the day of His birth, what makes us think He will stand for us in Heaven? Are you willing to stand up for Christmas?
May Christmas be a part of America for our children and grandchildren.
“Merry Christmas.”

Gerald Wallace
Dupont Way

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